A museum, a tradition


Its main house of the reception is in honor to the Old Hacienda Uxmal, history of the important sugar estate of the family Peón.

It is not a conventional museum, our focus goes to the interactive side, where you are

The protagonist of the tour.


The concept of the museum is to rescue the history of cacao; From Mexico to the world in

Botanical gardens with cocoa trees along the way.


It has 6 permanent rooms, each of which represents an important aspect in the history of cocoa, a timeline from fruit to chocolate today.


Exhibition rooms


Room 1.

Maya House

Room 2.


Sending message

Message not sent

Message sent

• Cocoa in offerings.

• Methods and meanings.

• The tradicional mayan house.

• Mayan traditional chocolate drink.

• Cocoa butter

• Cocoa as currency, trade.

• Mayan market.

• Import and export at the Mayans time.

• Edification.

• Vestiges.

Room 3.


Room 4.

Inside Pyramid

• Harvest.

• Fermentation.

• Drying.

Room 6.

 Cocoa Cultivation

• First encounters with foreigners in lands from american continent.

• Hernán Cortés meeting with Moctezuma.

Room 5.

Exterior Pyramid

• Integration to the world.

• Cocoa varieties.

• Convents.

Room 7.

Cocoa Expansion

Room 8.


• Cocoa press.

• Cocoa industrialization.

Room 10.

Cocoa in the 20th century

• Chocolate in the royal court.

Room 9.

Cocoa in the 18th century

Room 12.

Chocolate making

Complete line

• Transformation from cocoa to chocolate.

• Cultivate.

• Sugar creation process.

Room 11.

Cane plantation

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In the Historic Center of Valladolid

Museum Shop

C.40  entre 37 y 39 centro Valladolid, Yucatán



+52 (999) 289 9914



Choco-Story is open from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm.



General: $150 pesos M.N


Students and INSEN (with identification): $110 pesos M.N


Children (between 6 and 12 years):$75 pesos M.N


Children under 6 years: Free






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